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Artisan Chai Masala

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The Mumma Secret Artisan Chai Masala is an aromatic blend of 100% pure herbs & spices which makes your regular tea more mesmerizing. It does not contain any added flavorings, chemicals or preservatives which promises a hearty sip with every brew. It carries the goodness of earthy Indian spices, freshly ground at home and pairs beautifully with plain milk, tea, lemon green tea, or an ice tea and you can spice up any of your dessert too!! Tantalize your taste buds with our little secret!


Weight: 80 grams
  • Features: No added artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, made in small batches, vegan, Non GMO, 100 % natural.
  • Benefits*: Increase energy level, give you the perfect kick start, improves immunity and rich in antioxidants.
  • How To Enjoy: Just a teaspoon of TMS CHAI MASALA can boost the flavor of your regular tea.Use this to make spice flavored tea cakes and cookies. Use in ice tea, coffee or milk. Adds a beautiful flavor to peanut/sesame ladoos.
  • How to Store: Keep in a cool & dry place away from moisture, humidity, dust, insects, pests & direct sunlight for a better shelf life.

Additional Info

Hygiene & sustainability go hand in hand with The Mumma Secret. We are a home based brand and follow all the hygiene measures through the process. We allow nothing to stand between us and our goal to deliver healthy food that makes you happy.

*Disclaimer: The product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

No Added Colors or Preservatives

Made with Love and Care

Made in Small Batches


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