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Power Immune


Power Immune is a delicious and versatile immune booster which is perfect for cold & flu season. It is a simple homemade immunity boosting powder made from specific traditional spices that have star immunity boosting properties to help harness your IMMUNITY. A perfect dose of immunity for entire family.


Weight: 80 grams
  • Features: No added artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, made in small batches, vegan, Non GMO, gluten free, 100 % natural.
  • Benefits*: Strengthens body’s defense mechanism, packed with vitamin C, full of antioxidants, fight cough & cold, allergy relief, purifies blood, improves respiratory health.
  • How to Enjoy: Eat a spoonful twice a day with hot water or milk to reap maximum benefits. Can be added in cooked curry or dal.
  • How to Store: Empty the powder in an air tight container. Keep in a cool & dry place away from moisture, humidity, dust, insects, pests & direct sunlight for a better shelf life
  • Size: 80 gm, 250 gm

Additional Info

Hygiene & sustainability go hand in hand with The Mumma Secret. We are a home based brand and follow all the hygiene measures through the process. We allow nothing to stand between us and our goal to deliver healthy food that makes you happy.

*Disclaimer: The product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

No Added Colors or Preservatives

Made with Love and Care

Made in Small Batches


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