FAQ - The Mumma Secret


Please find below answers to most of the frequently asked questions.
The Mumma Secret is a home-based brand and our all the products are made in a home kitchen where hygiene & sustainability go hand in hand. We follow all the hygiene measures through the process. We allow nothing to stand between us and our goal to deliver healthy food that makes you happy.
Yes, we are registered brand with FSSAI and GSTIN.
The brand started in December 2015 and was officially launched in December 2016.
You can order TMS products from the website.
No, The Mumma secret products are very exclusive and made fresh in small batches only after the order is placed. That’s why these are not available at local /gourmet stores.
Only few of The Mumma Secret products are organic and the ingredients are sourced from the certified organic vendors. However, for the rest of the products we use 100% natural, chemical & pesticides free ingredients sourced locally from the farmers.
Check our Return Policy for details
At The Mumma Secret we follow all the hygiene measures during the entire process. We do not have large industrial set up with large manpower. We make products in small batches in home environment without much hands involved in the process.
Most of our products are sugar free. To add sweetness to products rather using highly processed refined sugar we prefer other natural forms of sugar like organic coconut sugar, jaggery, palm sugar or cane sugar.
Most of our products can be stored outside the refrigerator but few of them requires refrigeration as our products are 100% preservatives free and low in sugar and are sensitive to weather conditions. For more details read the labels carefully.



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