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Our Story

Mom knows the best and that is no secret.

I vividly remember how my mom would treat me to her home-made murabbas and chyawanprash in my childhood. Though I must admit, at that time I loved them more for the taste and less for anything else, now I realize that they were so full of health.

Indeed, we all were so blessed to taste the pure delight.

When I became a mom, like every mother, I too wanted to give the best to my baby. I scoured the market endlessly for the right products for my precious one, but all I could find was glossily packaged food items with artificial content – sugar, chemicals and preservatives. Even the “so called” baby food was no exception! “My baby deserves the Best,” I thought to myself.

And then came The Mumma Secret. Creating something that is 100% pure, natural, safe and subtle, as baby food should be or for that matter any food should be!

Shrijika Parikh Agrawal

I began making jams and ketchup at home with 100% natural ingredients and in completely natural way. It was a lot of hard work but certainly worth the effort, I was glad to see my baby savouring it! The joy and satisfaction of seeing him eating something healthy and full of nutrients, just can’t be put in words. I am sure all moms know the feeling.

This encouraged me to keep creating things one after another with success. Soon I realized the very source of it – it is my mom! Her age-old recipes, her inspiration, the healthy secrets that she passes on to me during our casual chats, all these were making my creations special. My love and respect for her grew even stronger. All my heart can say is, “Thank You Mom.”

The Mumma Secret is dedicated to my mom and her secrets, which now I wish to share with everyone and spread the happiness of healthy indulgence. Made at home, with loads of love, The Mumma Secret creations are low in sugar, contain no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. Healthy and safe, they are something that the kids will love, grown-ups will enjoy, and most importantly, every mom would approve of!



Healthy & Safe

Made At Home

No Artificial Flavours

Low In Sugar


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