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Strawberry Basil Jam


Here’s to strawberrrryyy…oh that fresh, sweet, red and juicy piece of heaven. This red beauty isn’t a berry as its name suggests but falls into the rose family.The Mumma Secret presents distinct creation for all strawberry lovers – “Strawberry Basil Jam”, a tangy sweet jam with a mild basil flavour. Strawberries are not just a juicy and delicious fruit but its jam is also one of the most favourite jams of all time…when that red sweet deliciousness is spread on anything…it makes everything in life better! Eat it without guilt, as apart from being deliriously tasty, this jam is loaded with lots of benefits*.


Weight: 200 grams

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  • Feature: No added artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, made in small batches, vegan, gluten free, no pectin.
  • Benefits*:Highly packed with antioxidants, excellent source of vitamin C, great for eyes, boosts immune, keep wrinkles away, fights bad cholesterol, high in potassium, regulate blood pressure and to add on we have Basil’s anti- bacterial property.
  • How to Enjoy: Goes well with Brie cheese and Mascarpone on a cheese board, spread on a bread, use as a salad dressing, make refreshing mocktails. Add with some white rum,vodka, granitas or gelatos. Make amazing sauce for the savory dishes, cake or pudding topping, shakes or make jam filled puff pastry.
  • How to Store: Store under refrigeration. Always use dry spoon.
  • Size: 200 gm
  • The product is available only on preorder and will be shipped within 15 days of the order placed.

Additional Info

These are cold-chain products and are very sensitive to heat & humidity, thus need constant refrigeration. Kindly refrigerate it immediately on receipt.

Hygiene & sustainability go hand in hand with The Mumma Secret. We are a home based brand and follow all the hygiene measures throught the process. We allow nothing to stand between us and our goal to deliver healthy food that makes you happy.

** Disclaimer: The product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

No Added Colors or Preservatives

Made with Love and Care

Made in Small Batches


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